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  • Guided Crossbike Cycling in Shizuoka

Guided Crossbike Cycling in Shizuoka

Location: Shizuoka, Japan— Duration: 4 hours

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We focus on our countryside area that travelers from abroad never know.Only well known to local cycling lovers. We made safety course that traffic is not heavy.Total 30km cycling (4.0 hour )  We offer cycling that runs slowly.(Morning tour 8:45-12:45, Afternoon tour 13:15-17:15, both available) You can enjoy 1.Beautiful view of Mt.Fuji over deep blue Suruga Bay. (Please note that it depends on the weather.)2.Beautiful view of typical Japanese countryside of wide rice fields.3.Safety cycling along a beautiful river.4.Can take photos of long established Japanese restaurant since 1596.5.An old village and street since Edo era.6.Shizuoka Green tea with sweets.7.Leisurely time